Music Monday – “Here we are now/Entertain us”

I’ve seen this new version of Nirvana’s biggest hit, Smells Like Teen Spirit” described a few different ways – changing all minor keys to major keys, the original being auto-tuned but, as noted in the edit on a post about the new version, it’s a bit more complex than that – the chord progression and melody are both changed to make it a more “poppy” song.

But whatever they did, the ultimate effect is very successful – this is a great song – as catchy as the original but more like, I don’t know, somebody like Gin Blossoms would’ve released around the same time!

(But then it wouldn’t be the kind of muddy, grungy song that kids would play in a basement party in Qu’Appelle circa 1992 either!) 😉


“Smells Like Teen Sprite” – Nirvana (Remix)

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