Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Pace Sees The *Real* Santa!

Pace has seen the *real* Santa (not those fake mall ones!) three times – once when Santa came to Grandpa and Grandma Hammond’s on Christmas Eve when Pace was probably around two or three years old.  (Coincidentally, that Santa had the same eyeglass frames as a neighbour down the street.) 😉

Once at our house in Regina, we happened to hear something outside and, when we looked, we saw “Santa” run by, likely surprising someone else on our street.

And we managed to catch Pace’s third Santa sighting on camera – Pace was four and fighting going to sleep and then we heard bells outside his Grandpa and Grandma Thompson’s house and when we looked out, there Santa was running by! (His sleigh clearly parked on a nearby roof while he scouted the neighbourhood.)

I won’t ruin it for you but Pace’s reaction to seeing Santa outside is pretty priceless!


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