Friday Fun Link – The Eric Andre Show Compilation

I stumbled across this performer while surfing around YouTube…which is always a dangerous thing to do. 😉

Eric Andre is a nihilistic anti-comedian who has a surreal, absurdist talk show on the late-night “Adult Swim” block of the Cartoon Network in the United States.

The show parodies everything about talk shows from the set to the role of the sidekick and band to the way that the guests (especially “B” level celebrities) will go through anything in an attempt to promote their latest project.

For example, they apparently tape the show in a studio where the heat is cranked and they record for around an hour just to get a few minutes worth of material while Andre does everything from stripping naked to hitting himself to releasing live snakes in the studio!

Definitely not for everyone but fascinating nonetheless as a weird commentary on the institution that is the television talk show – sort of like a modern-day mash-up of “The Larry Sanders Show” and “The Tom Green Show“.

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