The Cult of Instant Pot

Ready for Ribs

It was one of this year’s hottest Black Friday items online and the Instant Pot ™ combination pressure cooker/slow cooker, invented by a group of former Nortel engineers in Ottawa, has been compared to a cult for its fanatical following.

What’s the appeal?  It quickly cooks food that’s tasty, healthy and, compared to the 1970’s pressure cookers, a lot safer too!  People are also calling it the first “viral appliance” and there’s little doubt that numerous posts on social media about whether people should buy one or looking for recipe ideas have helped propel sales.

Shea actually beat the rush and got hers on Black Friday *last year* (which was already busy enough) and we’ve used it regularly throughout the year but more frequently lately.

(In fact, I was inspired to write this post as I’m literally eating leftover Thai curry she made in our Instant Pot as I type this!)

Reddit’s Instant Pot sub-Reddit has more information, recipes and articles all related to this amazing gadget!

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