Music Monday – “I wish I had carved my bad poetry/Into your back while you were asleep/A little something to remind you of me/A little something for her to hold on to”

I’m fascinated by coincidences and have had a few recently…

  • Went to a housewarming party this weekend and a guy mentions the completely random fact that they ended up sitting next to a previous owner of their Regina home in a bar in Saskatoon, never having met him before!
  • The same housewarming party was hosted by a newly married couple – I was good friends with the groom in undergrad 20+ years ago (still remember trading him a Prince CD I didn’t like for a Blue Rodeo CD he didn’t like!) and his bride is someone I went to library school with in Ontario!
  • I heard about the song below in the listing of Prairie Dog’s “Best of 2017” winners.  That write-up happened to mention the video was shot in my hometown (including the gym that hosted my own grad ceremony!) but that’s not the main coincidence – guess what song was playing on our local community radio station when I woke up this morning?

“Bad Poetry” – Megan Nash

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