Throwback Thursday – #tbt – At Least They Didn’t Lose Their House In Transit (Fall 2005)

I was looking through Facebook earlier this week when I saw a story that was almost sounded like the ultimate Halloween prank – a guy came home to his farm just outside Regina to find an abandoned ready-to-move house, still on a trailer but with no semi, no drivers and no note!

He posted some pics asking what he should do or what people thought had happened and I chimed in with the following comment as my in-laws had moved their home off a farm into the city of Weyburn about twelve years ago.

When my in-laws moved their house from their farm into Weyburn, the mover stopped for the evening in a farmer’s yard just outside Weyburn then finished the trip the next day so he had the full day to place the house.

But I’m pretty sure that a) he had permission from the farm where he stopped and b) he left the house and trailer hooked up to the truck when he stopped for the night.

(I gave my in-laws a call to confirm details of the story and their best guess is that the truck pulling this house had some sort of trouble and they maybe unhooked to go get fixed? Strange they wouldn’t leave a note or any explanation but they said it happened occasionally on their farm that a tractor or piece of machinery would end up being left in their fields without explanation and that was usually the reason.)

The land owner replied that my story could be it but that there were also power lines just down the grid road and perhaps that was the reason (which turned out to be the case.)

Anyhow, I was an early commenter on this story but it ended up going pretty viral with 345 shares plus media coverage across Canada, in New York, the UK and even Russia.

The actual owner of the house was not Facebook friends with the guy who found it on his land. But due to the Facebook shares, she saw it and posted a comment “That’s my house!” as she was even unaware of where exactly her house had ended up!

Anyhow, I already did one Throwback Thursday post about my in-laws moving their house into Weyburn but figured this week’s very “Saskatchewan” story of a lost house showing up in a random farmer’s field deserves another, more detailed post with a lot more photos of my in-laws very successful (in comparison) house move!

Videotaping The Show


Moving House Into Position (Didn’t Bend A Tree!)


I Can’t Back Up A Car With A Rear View Camera This Good


The Basement Awaiting The House To Be Placed


House Behind Basement While Final Preparations Are Made

Will they get to sleep in their own beds tonight?


Getting Ready to Move The House


Checking Out Positioning


Moving It Into Place

Getting Closer



Finally In Place (Rear View)

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