Happy Halloween!

A few random thoughts…

  • Shower thought: It struck me that Halloween was the original version of “Pokemon Go!” with kids roaming the streets, checking in at various locations and randomly encountering all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures.
  • Weird to realise how many people will pass by our house, even though we have the lights on, simply because we have a longish driveway and a few stairs to climb to get to our door.
  • Final count this year is 82.  I don’t know why we track this every year as I don’t really remember how many we get from year to year other than that it can really range, depending on weather, day of week and probably other factors I’m not considering.  I’d say we’ve had everywhere from a low of ~30 to over 100 over the years we’ve lived in this house.
  • I posted a picture of me (in a “hippy” costume I used for my library’s 50th Anniversary “Retro” Party last fall) and Sasha above but figured there’s no point in putting a picture of Pace since our “ten year old teenager” is now too cool for a costume and basically wore a ski mask that happens to have a zombie face on it but otherwise, all his regular clothes.
  • Was kinda fun to take Pace and two friends he was trick or treating with to some of the best “haunted house” displays in the neighbourhood, made easier to find this year due to a new web site I just learned about today.
  • Sasha’s at a pretty precious age.  “Dad, can we go home now?  My bag is heavy and my legs are sleepy.”
  • A big shout-out to the people who give full-size candy bars.  You’re the real heroes. (Er, to our kids.)
  • When I was growing up, we got a lot more apples and homemade treats (popcorn balls anyone?) but I can’t remember the last time Pace got a homemade treat.
  • There is a “teal pumpkin” movement that started in 2014 to promote giving allergy-free treats but I don’t think I saw a single one in our neighbourhood.
  • Maybe the best costume I saw were two parents, both in full bear costumes including giant bear heads with their baby in a stroller, in a “baby bear” costume.

Weather was pretty good and, as always, an enjoyable night where I had fun with the kids, handing out candy and occasionally sneaking a piece (or ten!) 😉

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