Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Mexican Beach Wedding (February 2003)

So, for “family movie night” last weekend, Shea and I decided to hook up the video camera we bought back ~2002 but have rarely used lately (“Hey kids, that big boxy thing is what an iPhone used to look like!”) to show the kids our wedding video from Mexico in 2003.

Pace watched about five minutes before getting bored but Sasha was pretty entranced by seeing her mom dressed like a princess.

The whole video is quite a time capsule… (sorry for the crappy quality of the photos below – I basically pointed my iPhone at the screen as we were watching the video.)

We expressly asked our wedding planner for a secular officiant and he was doing really good right until a light rain started to fall after our ceremony was over.  I said something about how it was too bad the weather didn’t hold a bit longer and he said “Oh, that’s just God blowing your love around the world” which I thought was a really nice way to spin it (and is a quote Shea and I use to make each other laugh to this day!). 😉 

I’m proud that I managed to work some quotes from “The Princess Bride” into the ceremony

Arranging photos of different groups of family and friends after the ceremony is over (look how young everyone is!)

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