Throwback Thursday – #tbt – The Premier of Mexico? (February 2017)

It’s funny how things swirl and combine in unexpected ways.

I haven’t written a lot about the ongoing Sask NDP Leadership Race (yet) and I haven’t posted a lot about the Mexican resort we’re planning to go to next February (yet).

But, as I think back to the Mexican resort we visited last February, I can’t help but think about how, in a total coincidence, we ended up going at the same time and staying at the same resort as Trent Wotherspoon’s sister and her family.  (Shea and Trent’s sister used to work together which is how I think we found out they’d be going at the same time as us.)

And given that Trent and Ryan are now running against each other for the leadership of the Sask NDP, it becomes a bit more funny to think back on the (brief) conversation we had on the bus from the airport to the resort about what was, at the time, the campaign Ryan was running (and eventually won) to become MLA for Saskatoon-Meewasin as well as some observations Saskatchewan politics in general.

Probably by choice for all of us (we were on holidays after all!), that was the extent of our political talk and any other time we spent together (most notably when we shared a cab to our hotel’s sister resort in what might have been the single best beach day of my life!) was spent talking about our kids, our jobs and everything *but* politics.

Oh, and it also meant we had someone to act as our photographer for a family portrait. (I was able to return the favour by taking a few pics of Trent’s sister’s family with my water camera and sending them to her when we returned.)

There are concurrent leadership races happening for the NDP and the Sask Party and while some observers might find the races cool, the reality is that I believe there is a genuine warmth between the candidates (at least on the NDP side) and that will serve the party well, no matter who emerges victorious in the end.

(Disappointingly, the change in the date of the NDP Leadership convention means Shea and I will most likely be out of country when it’s being held. But if it means clear blue water and a margarita, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!) 😉

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