Music Monday – “Put out my lawn chair/Watching the sun arising/Evening comes/I’m watching the sun go down” #saskatchewan #sask #camping #provincialparks #summer #echovalley #fortquappelle

I’ve finally had time to go through all the pictures (2000+!) that I took over the course of the entire summer and winnow them down to a handful of favourites.

That’s still more than most people should have to sit through at a single sitting so what I did was create a long slideshow with most of our favourites (~200 pics, 14 minutes) covering all aspects of our summer seasonal camp site, a medium one (~100 shots, 8 minutes) focused mostly on the people at our site without shots of “extras” (not as many sunset, campfire and other random photos), and a “highlights” reel (~50 photos, 3 minutes) with the “best of the best”.

So depending on how much time you have, feel free to enjoy one of the three following slideshows, posted from longest to shortest (and I’ll enjoy comparing the YouTube view counts in a couple weeks!) 😉


I put different songs as background music for each video (they’re listed on the description of each YouTube video) but the one I quoted in the subject of this blog post is “Living in a Boler” by Saskatchewan’s own, Mandy Ringdal.

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