Music Monday – “I spent my days working, spent my nights drinking, howling at the moon/Screaming for the days when you were coming back, no couldn’t come too soon/Couldn’t come too soon”

Another thing that made our summer so amazing was the non-stop music…

…that we played from morning to night (okay, Shea’s not as big of a music fan as I am and occasionally asked for some peace and quiet to read her book!)

Above is a graph of how many individual songs I played each month and below is a list of my most played songs courtesy of which tracks listening from my devices (but not music in the van driving out to our site, CDs or radio obviously.)

(Unfortunately, doesn’t appear to allow users to set specific time ranges so 180 days is too long and 90 days is too short to cover the entire summer.  But 90 days is most of it so I’m using that.)

I never would’ve guessed that the novelty hit of a couple YouTubers would be my most played song of the summer but if the trade-off is that Pace is getting into popular music, that’s cool by me.

It’s well documented on this blog that Blake Berglund’s “Coyote” was my unofficial album of the summer so it makes sense that playing the entire thing on repeat, er, repeatedly, means he takes 5/10 of the spots on my Top Ten list (not sure how that happens with an 11 track album but I suspect it’s the first five songs on the album that ranked highest as I might not have always listened to it all the way through every time I started it.)

Panda is another song that Pace introduced me to this summer.

G n’ R surged late because I played them non-stop before and after their concert in late August (I’m actually surprised only two songs made my Top Ten given how much I played them at the end of summer – Paradise City could’ve easily been there too!)

I honestly have no idea how Luke Bryan got on there – there are probably a couple dozen equally formulaic new country songs I listened to quite a bit this summer that could’ve made the list.  I suspect that song ended up being left on repeat at some point to end up that high on the list (and I’m not just making excuses because I’m embarrassed about liking Luke Bryan – if I sincerely played his song that much, I’d freely admit it!) 🙂

Anyhow, on our final night together, after a day of fun in the sun, drinks, food and much more, one of our new friends put the following song on.

This is a guy who I stayed up to 3am with one night (I think a campground late night record for our group when we had more than a few!) building a massive fire, drinking a massive quantity of booze and with him requesting song after song – mostly metal and 70’s hard rock – while I played DJ.

So hearing him play a slow country ballad (that I’d never heard before either) was a bit of a surprise.

But in that setting, as we all felt summer slipping away from us, the song’s nostalgic tone was a perfect note to end our summer on and this immediately became one of my new favourite songs.

Greatest Love Story” – LANco

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