Music Monday – “All summer long we’ve both been free/Won’t be long til summer time is through/Summer time is through”

One of the most poignant episodes of The Simpsons is “Season of 4 ft 2” which tells the story of the Simpsons family taking a summer vacation to the lake.

Lisa, who’s usually an outcast nerd, ends up befriending a group of cool kids while Bart, who normally has a large circle of friends, is left on the outside.

Bart tries to ruin Lisa’s popularity by showing her new friends her yearbook which nobody in their school had signed at the end of the school year.

Lisa thinks her new friends have turned on her when she catches them vandalizing her parent’s car. But it turns out they’re decorating it as a farewell after a summer of fun.

The episode ends with a montage of shots from the Simpsons’ summer adventure set to the song, “All Summer Long” by the Beach Boys.

I’ve been thinking about that episode a lot lately because of how perfectly it captures the magic of a family having an amazing summer together (even if the kids occasionally get on each other’s nerves!)  In fact, if I get around to making a montage of our summer photos, I suspect I’ll use this Beach Boys song as the background music!

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have the actual Simpsons montage (stupid copyright) but I found this clip which has been modified to get around YouTube’s filters which at least will give an overview of the episode’s events if you haven’t seen it.

All Summer Long” – Beach Boys

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