Throwback Thursday – #tbt – FIMS MLIS Student Council (December 2006)

I find it pretty funny that, as someone who was frequently a motivationally-challenged student, I ended up being the Academic Rep on two different student councils – both during undergrad at Luther College in Regina and later while doing my MLIS at Western in London, Ontario.

But perhaps it’s similar to how I have often ended up serving as Secretary when I’m on a Board of Directors – maybe it’s just one of those roles you seem destined for (or perhaps just because no one else wants it?)

(I also think it’s funny that, while most of my colleagues chose to pick a fairly professional photo of themselves against a neutral background, I chose a photo of myself wearing someone else’s hat while on the patio at the Grad Club after a few pints.  Yep, bring all your academic issues to me and I’ll solve ’em, alright!) 😉

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