Music Monday – “Radicals and Racists/Don’t point your finger at me/I’m a small town white boy/Just tryin’ to make ends meet”

After the concert I saw last night, is there any doubt which band I’ll feature for Music Monday?

But which song?

There are lots to choose from – big hits, underrated gems, personal favourites – but given my interest in Freedom of Expression as well as the band’s reputation in general, how about possibly G n’ R’s most controversial song (and given that they covered a Charles Manson song, that’s saying something!)

On that note, I’ve got perhaps my longest-ever percolating blog post in draft form with a variety of my thoughts about language, censorship, political correctness, pop culture, politics, and how all these things intersect.  But I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to posting it – I keep going back and re-writing and it seems like every day gives me something new to add to the list.

One In A Million” – Guns n’ Roses

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