Five Respective Advantages of Saskatchewan’s Provincial & Regional Parks

[These lists are based on my somewhat limited experiences with both provincial and regional parks so the things I mention might not apply at all parks of those types.]

Provincial Parks

  1. Provincial parks provide free firewood to campers
  2. Arguably, provincial parks have more modern and cleaner Service Centres for their washrooms and showers.
  3. Have paved roads throughout rather than gravel roads
  4. Provincial parks usually provide a full range of planned activities for kids and families throughout the summer
  5. Though no more dedicated than regional staff, provincial parks tend to have larger, better trained staffing complements (eg. on-site conservation officers)

Regional Parks

  1. If you have a seasonal site at a regional park, you can usually keep it from year-to-year (and some even offer winter storage so you never have to move your RV.)  This also means that many people at regional parks will build up their site with decks, windbreaks, wood and tool sheds, etc.
  2. Many regional parks will provide water and/or sewer hookups which you don’t get at provincial parks
  3. Regional parks are generally less expensive for both overnight and seasonal sites
  4. Arguably, you’ll find a wider range of amenities at regional parks – paddling pools, swimming pools, attached golf courses, playgrounds with more variety than at provincial parks (which I think are all one design, pretty much across the province) and more.
  5. Some regionals allow you to pay for “extras” – a second camper parked in your site, having an outdoor fridge or freezer, etc. but I don’t think provincial parks have an option to do this, even for a small fee.
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