Camping Injury Report

Camping is a strange thing – you pay a lot of money to basically live in the wilderness with all the attendant dangers and risks.

This summer, we’ve had a few…

  • Pace hit himself in the face with a metal scooter while attempting a trick, cutting his face, giving himself a fat lip and loosening one tooth.
  • Pace fell on a hillside path and scratched his chest with a branch pretty good
  • Pace (see a theme here?) injured his wrist briefly after a wipe out at the Fort Qu’Appelle skate park.  I initially feared a break but luckily it was just tender for awhile.
  • Sasha fell while running on the road in front of the campsite and scrapped her knee pretty good.
  • Sasha’s had a few “sand in the eyes” moments on the playground.  My hope is that it’s not from kids throwing sand intentionally at her but just being careless as they dig wildly.
  • Both kids have been hit by a swing when not paying attention.
  • One cousin who was visiting had an accident on his bike and hurt his groin pretty bad.
  • I have had innumerable splinters because I keep forgetting to put on work gloves when I haul/chop wood (or even lifting logs from our wood pile to the fire can give a splinter if you’re not being careful/have a couple beers in you!)
  • I’ve also had a couple headaches in the morning through the summer but I’m not sure what caused those! 😉
  • At different times, Shea and I have both suffered through at least one weekend with a cold/sore throat/runny nose which is not fun at the best of times and especially when you’re camping.
  • I’m usually most susceptible but none of us have had any bad sunburns all summer though I did burn my nose one weekend.
  • Sore legs.
  • …plus the usual mixture of small cuts, blisters, bruises from random small accidents or injuries.
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