10 Things I’ve Dealt With In Libraries That Aren’t Covered in Library School

  1. Bat removal
  2. Poop on floor in public area (child)
  3. Poop  on floor in washroom (adult)
  4. Blood splattered across entire bathroom
  5. A kid’s Easter egg but full of drugs
  6. Arguments over $0.30 fines
  7. People who say “I pay your salary!”
  8. People who are *really* concerned about delays in getting their items on time.  (I’m talking “evil Rainman” levels of obsessiveness!) 🙂
  9. Patrons telling me how the library’s internal policies and systems work.
  10. Being punched in the shoulder “jokingly” by an older male patron leaving a bruise.

Guess which two happened this week?

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