Five Disadvantages of a Seasonal Site

I did a post about the advantages of a seasonal camp site so it’s only fair to list some of the disadvantages.

  1. I already mentioned that it ends up being more expensive than you realise.
  2. You end up feeling obligated (or at least we do) to go out to your camp site as much as you can so you end up missing other fun things – we’ve turned down free tickets to Regina Folk Fest, an invite to go to Mustard Fest and it’s extremely unlikely we’ll get to even one Riders’ game in person this summer like we usually do.
  3. On a related note, because we try to get to the lake every weekend, a lot of stuff we normally do on weekends – laundry, grocery shopping, cutting grass, housecleaning, etc. – either gets neglected or squished into our already busy weekday evening routines.
  4. It’s probably not a huge deal but because we end up hauling out a lot more for a seasonal site than we would for shorter overnight trips, we’re likely going to spend more time hauling all the stuff back – either piecemeal over a series of weekends or all at once with a cargo trailer or something.  (Then we’re going to have to find *more* space to store all the stuff we accumulated too.)
  5. The more you’re at your camp site, the more chance that a spontaneous water balloon fight will break out and, unlike when we were growing up, adults (and even some kids) now carry electronic devices with them at all times. So there’s a risk of your device getting soaked (hasn’t happened yet but Grandpa took a water balloon in the chest from someone – not Sasha though she’s smiling mischievously in this picture – that could’ve been bad if he had his phone on him!)
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