Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Our First Visit to Echo Valley Provincial Park (June 2015)

Before we had our seasonal site there, we stayed at Echo Valley for a weekend in June 2015.

We had a site backing right onto the main playground, only steps from where our seasonal site is now (I often sit in our seasonal site and look over diagonally at the ever-changing nightly campers staying in “our” original spot.)

During our various camping trips, I’ve pulled the rPod through torrential rain, up and down valley highways and in heavy city traffic without issue or incident.  But this trip is also notorious because we had such a brutal cross wind on the trip home that I immediately listed the rPod for sale on Kijiji when we got home!

I came to my senses when I started getting inquiries the next day but there’s probably a pretty clear connection between that harrowing trip and our decision to try to get a seasonal site rather than risk getting into a similar situation again.

(Can you even call in “wind” to work if you decide you can’t make it home from a far off campground because the wind is too much for your tow vehicle to handle?) 😉

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