Four for Four!


Today marked the opening of the newest Regina Public Library branch, the Albert Branch which has moved into the Mâmawêyatitân Centre, an integrated facility offering numerous services to the community.

And I was fortunate to once again be able to visit the branch on its opening day – just as I did for the other three RPL branches that have opened since I started working at RPL almost a decade ago – Prince of Wales, Regent Place and George Bothwell.

I have to admit I almost missed this one’s opening though!

We got back this afternoon from five days’ of camping then we ended up doing some running around with Shea’s parents who were in town.  It hit me around 8pm that today was the opening of the new Albert branch but luckily Tuesday is one of their open evenings so I whipped over (fortunately, it’s not too far from our house) and got to have a look around at another impressive branch.

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