Five Things We Underbudgeted For At Our Seasonal Campsite

  1. Booze
    I knew we’d drink a bit at our seasonal site but between booze being expensive and happy hour starting at noonish most days (not to mention Bailey’s in the morning coffee), it adds up fast!
  2. Dollar Store Junk
    We’re spending a ridiculous amount each week on stuff that we use up quickly (glow sticks) or that breaks easily (every toy in the store)
  3. Campsite “Extras”
    All those bigger ticket items we didn’t need before having a seasonal site – beer fridge. Adult-sized paddling pool.  Screen Room. Hammock. Honey wagon. (If I couldn’t borrow them from my parents, I might add 5G water jug and log splitter to that list too.)
  4. Ice
    One “extra” we didn’t buy but maybe should have is an ice maker as we’re buying 1-2 bags per day.
  5. Eating Out
    Hardcore campers wouldn’t do this but we often grab a burger on our way out of the city instead of trying to make a meal while setting up camp.  Or if we go to the nearest town, we’re as likely to stop at a restaurant as pack a picnic lunch.  Or when we get back to town, tired and dirty after a few days of camping, we might grab something to take home from a favourite restaurant rather than find something to cook when we get home.

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