Why Pro Wrestling Is A Perfect Metaphor For Trump’s Presidency (And Ten Things Donald Trump Learned From ‘rasslin)

Trump continues to do things that no President has ever done before.

As a lifelong fan of wrestling, I agree with much of what this commentator says (and have said it myself as well – scroll down to “American Idol” in this post from right after he won the Presidency.)

Basically, in my view, Trump is doing a lot of stuff that he learned from watching/being involved in wrestling, and a lot of people who aren’t wrestling fans are taking it straight instead of seeing it through the scripted, exaggerated lens of the world of pro wrestling.

Ten Things Donald Trump Learned From Watching/Being Involved In Pro Wrestling

  1. How to be outrageous
  2. How to be dominant
  3. How to create a character
  4. How the truth doesn’t matter
  5. How to appeal to people’s base emotions
  6. How easily people are willing to suspend their disbelief
  7. How to attack opponent’s weak spots (verbally)
  8. How to attack opponent’s weaknesses (physically)
  9. The power of television to reach a wide audience and spread your message
  10. How the word “fake” is the worst insult in the world – whether applied to wrestling or the news

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