Throwback Thursday – #tbt – iPhone’s 10th Anniversary

Today is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone being released, perhaps the single most revolutionary product of my lifetime.

There has been numerous models of iPhone in that time of course, each offering incremental and often transformative improvements.

I got my first iPhone 3GS around 2009 – I was too cheap to buy one even though I really wanted one.  So Shea’s parents gave me money for my birthday to put towards a phone which turned out to be a great gift – when you think of what you pay for a smartphone (which is expensive) but also the amount of use and value you get, it’s a no brainer.  That phone’s battery is shot now but I still use it sometimes to listen to music on an iPod clock-radio.

After the battery on my original iPhone stopped holding a charge for any length of time, I think my next one was an iPhone 4 about three years later in 2012.  That one I managed to fry in the ocean when I used a waterproof case that turned out not to be waterproof as advertised.  Luckily I’d just upgraded my phone recently and was able to get it replaced via my credit card’s insurance.

That wasn’t an upgrade but that replacement iPhone 4 lasted for about four years until I got my next one – an iPhone 6 in early 2016 after the iPhone’s battery stopped holding a charge (a recurring theme for my devices and smartphones in general.)

That’s the phone I still use today.  I’m nervous about upgrading again knowing they continue to “innovate” but I’m sure we’ll get to that point soon – either because this battery gives up (which is why I’ve upgraded twice before), I damage it (as was the cause of one unintentional replacement) or for some other reason – perhaps a cool new feature I simply can’t be without?

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