Sometimes I Forget I Have A Blog…

…usually after a weekend of camping.

Here’s some “catch-up” posts…

Saturday Snap – Skateboard Mods
Pace modified his penny board with duct tape and glow sticks (and after we got home, more permanently with some spray paint I got him to decorate the ramp his grandpa built him!)

Secular Sunday
More than half of Canadians in a recent Ipsos poll said that they felt religion does more harm than good (I’m an atheist and I’m surprised how high that number is!) 😉

Music Monday – “She’s a tailgate party queen/The roughest rider you ever seen/Moose Jaw and Indian Head/It ain’t as flat as everyone says”
I feel like I probably posted this Tim Hus song before but it’s too good not to post again…

Saskatchewan Son of a Gun” – Tim Hus

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