Great @ryanmeili Speech – “A Question of Trust”

I meant to post this when I first saw it as I thought it was a pretty powerful speech, so unique and different from the usual generic “blah blah” you hear from so many politicians.

In it, Ryan Meili talks about the reasons why the general public doesn’t trust politicians.  He points out how politicians aren’t seen as honest, how they seek power for the sake of power, how they allow themselves to be influenced by their donors at the expense of the greater good.

He cites examples from his background in medicine where companies will influence medical practitioners with everything from stationery to free meals to direct payments for prescribing certain medications.

And then he goes on to say that, as a doctor, he made a conscious decision to *not* engage in any of those practices himself.

With the next election shaping up to be one where trust/corruption/betrayal are likely going to be some core themes, how amazing is it that the Saskatchewan NDP has someone who is so clearly on the right side of the issue of trust as a potential leader against a Premier who took tens of thousands in salary top-up from his party’s corporate donors, has allegedly helped party donors make money on shady land deals and who even tried to recruit oil companies to Saskatchewan that he held shares in.

In fact, the camera is on the person speaking during this entire clip.  But apparently Premier Brad Wall got up and left the house while Meili was speaking.

Meili is a doctor by trade and it’s clear in this clip because, as he says, his words clearly manage to hit a nerve! 🙂

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