Music Monday – “So I’m a free enterprising socialist/Gonna take my cut and share the rest/Left wing as the right wing gets/I’ll vote ’em in for the test”

Really enjoying Blake Berglund on my “Saskatchewan-artists-only” playlist at our seasonal site at Echo Valley Provincial Park.

(I’m a bit late to the game but in looking more into Berglund for this post, I see that he’s just completed a personal challenge to sell 1000 copies of his albums in the month of May, mostly through cold call door-to-door sales.  As someone who did that same thing selling cable TV packages door-to-door in small towns across eastern Saskatchewan to pay my way through University for a few summers, I wish him all the best and though a bit late, will try to pick up his album online or in person when I get a chance.)

“Where Have All My Horses Gone” – Blake Berglund

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    […] Blake Berglund is my unofficial campground theme music this summer. […]

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