Throwback Thursday – #tbt – The More Things Change… (June 2010)

Quite often, to pick out a Throwback Thursday picture, I’ll look through my photo library to the same month but a few years back (I have photos going back to 2006 when we got our first digital camera and a few that had been digitized when we got film developed before that.  So I can look back well over a decade.)

Today, I ended up going back to June 2010 which happened to be when Shea, Pace and I did a big three week driving trip to Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver with many stops in between.

What struck me as I looked at this photo is that I’m pretty sure I have (and still wear!) every single piece of clothing in this photo from eight years ago – the hat was brand new, purchased at VPL’s Gift Shop and the t-shirt and shorts were probably fairly new too.  Not only that but I still have the same sandals *and* even the same watch!

Of course I can’t see what gotch I’m wearing (and I hope I’m still not wearing the same underwear nearly a decade later!) but otherwise, the t-shirt and shorts are not only still in my wardrobe but both items I know for a fact that I’ve worn within the past week! 🙂

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