Andrew Scheer Wins Federal Conservative Leadership? #CalledIt #cpcldr

My MP, Andrew Scheer,. surprised quite a few people by winning the leadership of the Conservative Party yesterday.

Not me though.

Way back in October 2015 on the night of the last federal election during the Liberal landslide, I called it:

I doubled down in January 2017 when I reiterated that I thought Scheer would be the winner.

Since I’m obviously a genius political prognosticator, I’ll make another bold prediction – not only will Ryan Meili win the leadership of the Sask NDP, he will lead the party to an upset victory in 2020 (er, or is that 2021?  I can’t find it now but I saw speculation that the Sask Party might override their own fixed election date legislation to postpone the next election by a year so they have more time to “fix” the economy.  Given how successful they’ve been so far, I doubt an extra year will help!)

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