Music Monday – “I’m on my way to nowhere/I been runnin’ from my past/Runnin’ from the things I used to be”

Sometimes it pays to be a blogger.

Last week’s “Music Monday” post about Colter Wall was seen by a friend who happened to have an extra ticket to see Wall’s album release show at The Exchange last night.  So because of that blog post, I ended up getting invited along to see the show.

It was a good show but a strange night – seeing a bunch of Sask Party MLAs (including someone I’m pretty sure was Colter’s dad in a black leather jacket…which is a very *dad* thing to do!) 😉 at a show that’s also populated by hipsters and old-tyme country music fans.  Seeing the singer Belle Plaine do a duet with Colter when the last time I saw her on stage, she was doing a duet with Ryan Meili.  Getting a notification on my phone about more Sask Party waste at literally the same time as Colter was singing a song called “The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie”.  Or when he sang his other song which has a line about “don’t trust no politicians” (I thought it might get a cheer from the crowd but people were too polite for that).  Getting there early and getting to see Colter hanging out with some friends outside the venue’s side entrance.  Wondering if there’d be any protesters during the show.  Wondering if I’d bump into any MLAs at the urinals (er, depending who it was, it might be a literal “bump”!).  Drinking a beer by a local craft brewery and wondering if it was true that local craft beers were exempted from the new 6% PST charge on restaurant meals as someone had recently told me.

Anyhow, I just posted a Colter Wall song last week so instead, I thought I’d post a song that his drummer sang when he came out as the opening act buy a guy who apparently used to run with some of the more famous Texas singer-songwriters back in the day but only released a single album of his own.

Ballad of Spider John” – Willis Alan Ramsey

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