Friday Fun Link – Ten Bands I’ve Seen (One Is A Lie) (And A Full Fred Eaglesmith Concert Video Too)

The latest meme to take over Facebook is “These Are 10 Bands I’ve Seen (One Is A Lie)“.

There’s two main elements to the meme – one is you are defining your persona (are all your bands punk?  Hipster?  Goth?  Will people believe you saw some unhip band like the Beach Boys if ever other band is from a Pitchfork “Year’s Best” list) and you are also sort of proving how wealthy/privileged you are – did you see the Eagles or did you see an Eagles Tribute Band?

I didn’t post my entry for the actual meme (I already did an incomplete list of bands I’d seen way back in 2011) but I did do a post where I listed all the funniest variations of the meme I’d seen…

My Favourite Variations That I’ve Seen on the “Ten Bands I’ve Seen (One Is A Lie)” Meme (Er, One Thing on the List Below Is A Lie)

1. Ten Parts of a Lamb I’ve Eaten (One Is A Lie)
2. Ten Fake News Stories I’ve Heard (All Are A Lie)
3. Ten Things Hurt By the Sask Party Budget (One Is A Lie – Spoiler Alert: corporations aren’t hurt at all compared to everyone else in the province!)
4. Ten Words I’ve Used (Nine Words Are Lyrics to “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins and One Is A Medical Term with 20+ letters!)
5. Ten Bands My Band Has Opened For (One Is A Lie)
6. I Hate This Meme — How About Listing Ten Albums You Paid For In The Last Year?
7. Ten Bands To Say You’ve Seen If You Want To Let People Know You Have Too Much Money (One Is A Lie)
8. Ten Reference Questions I’ve Actually Answered at the Library (One Is A Lie)
9. Ten Bands (goes on to list “rubber bands”, “watch bands”, “band aids”, “headbands”)
10. Ten Things I Don’t Care about On Facebook (One Is A Lie. Person proceeds to list this meme nine times and “Pictures of Puppies” once)

Anyhow, I noticed that a full recent Fred Eaglesmith concert had recently been posted and nothing make me happier.  It’s crazy how long I’ve been a fan – my “Fred Tab” page made me teeny-weeny internet famous when I started it back in the late 1990’s and it still gets lots of hits even though I no longer maintain it.  (And fast forward to around the 42 minute mark if you want to hear Fred say that Saskatchewan is his favourite province!)

Here’s the concert – a great way to spend a Friday night:

This is a great interview…


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