“You got no right to take my joy/I want it back” #DearSask Protest Tribute Video #yqr #yxe #skpoli #SaveSKLibraries @saskmla @premierbradwall

I made a quick video of some of the highlights from the DEARSask protests that happened on Friday.  These read-ins saw nearly 6000 people at 85 sites across the province protesting the drastic cuts to the province’s public libraries.

My biggest problem making this video?  Way too many pictures to choose from!

So this video includes a pretty random selection of ones I grabbed from my Twitter and Facebook feeds but there are enough other great pics out there that I could probably do a whole other video.

(Hopefully the Sask Party realises that there is a lot of vocal opposition to these cuts right across the province – more than any other issue coming out of their budget – and does the right thing and reverses the cuts so I don’t have to make that other video!) 😉

PS – Feel free to share this video to spread the word!

DEAR Protests from Jason Hammond on Vimeo.

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