Friday Fun Link – “Drop Everything and Read” Is Huge Success #skpoli #dearsask #saveSKLibraries #dearsk


I honestly felt like I was going to break the “Angry” emoticon on Facebook the past two weeks – so much bad news about cuts to libraries but also to education, STC and other vital services coming across my news feed.

Thankfully, today I got to have a much more enjoyable day, continually clicking the “Love” emoticon as people posted updates, pictures and attendance numbers from the various “Drop Everything and Read” events which attracted thousands of people to dozens of different MLA Offices, libraries and other locations across the province.

I was blown away by the creativity in the DEAR events – signs, costumes, fun book titles, songs, even a “Children’s Reading Therapy Donkey” that was present in Brad Wall’s home constituency!

There is a Flickr album of some of the best pictures from the day and below is a Storify I created that collects some of the best tweets from the events.

(This is the second time in as many days that I’ve run ahead with an idea, only to find someone else had done the same thing.  I’d post a link to the other Storify as well but I can’t find it in the huge volume of new posts that have came in on the “Save Sask Libraries” group on Facebook today!)

Kudos to Leslie Richards, Christine Freethy, Sarah Morden, Tria Donaldson and everyone else who worked visibly and behind-the-scenes to make this incredible event happen at so many locations across the province – north and south, urban and rural, and everywhere in between.

How successful was it?

At one point, *two* of the hashtags for the event were the top trending hashtags in all of Canada!  I was *very* proud of my home province today.


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