When Donald Trump Is The President, Should Canadians Travel To the United States?

I’ve seen a few debates on social media sites as well as some media articles about whether Canadians and other non-Americans should “boycott” the United States with our business and/or personal travel?

Those who say we shouldn’t boycott, say that it will hurt ordinary Americans.  Or the non-Trump supporters need us more than ever.  Or that nothing’s much different down there than it was before Trump was elected – Disneyland is still Disneyland is one way to think of it.

Those who are in favour of a boycott say that it’s one of the few tangible ways non-Americans can send a message to Americans that we don’t support their President or current government.  The analogy I think of is that if you don’t agree with a corporation’s policies, you can boycott the company and if you don’t agree with a country’s policies, you can boycott a country in the hopes of creating change.

It’s a tougher call for some colleagues who are inclined to boycott the US for the reasons listed above but maybe got accepted to a conference or planned a personal vacation or are visiting a blue state.

Ultimately, it’s everyone’s own call but I do know that Shea and I are *very* unlikely to go to the States while Donald Trump is President – either on a big Hawaii/Florida/California holiday or even a short hop weekend across the border to Minot or Williston North Dakota as we’ve often done in the past.

We’re not Muslim or part of any targeted group (er, unless you could liberals who believe in science?) but at the same time, entering the US is a privilege and not a right and even many of my previous blog posts or Reddit comments about Donald Trump could conceivably get me hassled or even turned back at the border.

The world’s a big place and for the time being, Shea and I are happy to vacation near home in Saskatchewan, elsewhere in Canada or in beautiful tropical locations like Mexico.

(Hmm, okay, maybe Hawaii wouldn’t be so bad?)

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