Music Monday – “Now why don’t you look down/To where your feet is planted/That U.S. soil that makes you take shit for granted/If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know/That where your feet are planted would be México”

I heard this song on the TV when we were in Mexico in 2003 and even without understanding (most of) the lyrics, it struck me as something very political and meaningful which has only become more relevant in light of Trump’s desire to build a border wall with Mexico.

At the time, I jotted enough of the lyrics I heard to be able to track it down when I got home and still listen to it to this day.  (Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve never posted it as a Music Monday post before – such a great song!)

I’m posting the official music video which won a Latin Grammy for Best Short Form Video as well as a live performance because who doesn’t want to see a guy in a Metal Gear t-shirt rocking an accordion? 😉


Frijolero” – Molotov

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