A Father’s Interview With the BBC Goes *Very* Wrong (With Analysis of the Net’s Latest Viral Video)

This clip has gone viral, obviously because every parent can relate to their kids innocently managing to mess everything up.

And here’s some analysis of the clip, section-by-section.

[Edit: And it turns out there’s some other analysis which says that this video is a good test to see if you’re racist or not.  If you think the Asian woman bursting in is the mom, you’re not and if you think she’s a nanny, you are.  I’m happy to report that I was pretty sure that this had to be a mom, just because of the way she burst in and it just seemed so obvious they’d had a “Honey, this is a really important interview – please keep an eye on the kids” conversation then mom had to go to the loo or got otherwise distracted and…mass virality!)

[Edit #2: Even more follow-up – an interview with the entire family.]

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