Ten Random Things

  1. Ryan Meili won the byelection in Saskatoon Meewasin and was sworn into the Legislature yesterday.
  2. In completely unrelated news, Brad Wall had a press conference today about wanting to cut public sector salaries by 3.5% while sounding like someone who knew he’s stuck around for one election too long and was about to tarnish what was otherwise looking like a very good legacy.
  3. Shea and I picked the wrong week to come back from holidays.  Blizzard conditions and wind cuts to 80kph!
  4. A great Reddit comment about cooking on a budget.
  5. I may have posted this before but a great article looking at the behind-the-scenes of the Facebook News Feed algorithm.
  6. You keep thinking Trump can’t get any worse and yet, completely unfounded, he accuses Obama of wiretapping – apparently without realising that Presidents can’t implement a wiretap of this type and they’re only approved when intelligence agencies have proof of dealings with foreign powers.
  7. Wrestlemania 33 is coming up fast and the card is taking shape.
  8. It’s fairly academic and also includes a lot of British terminology but if you can get past that, an interesting look at the economics of all-inclusive resorts.
  9. E-Book sales fall below sales of hardcovers for the first time since 2012.
  10. And coming out right after our recent trip to Mexico with daily dips in the pool, a U of S study that looks at the amount of urine in public pools.  (Spoiler Alert: These were regular Canadian pools being tested, not those with swim-up bars either!)

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