Saturday Snap – “Doritos Roulette” Challenge

One fun thing about being on holidays is that Pace and I spontaneously decided to go grab some late night snacks tonight after both Sasha and mom were in bed.

He likes regular Doritos but decided to try a flavour that’s mostly regular Doritos but also has some super-hot ones mixed in (even though he’s not a big fan of spicy food.)

This was partly because we had an idea that he could do a video of him trying these chips as a combo of the popular “unboxing” and “challenge” videos that are all over YouTube (and though we didn’t realise it at the time – of course, the “Dorito Roulette” challenge has become a Buzzfeed-worthy thing.)

I did the recording but the editing and other choices are all him – it’s amazing how much he absorbs from YouTube videos – having an intro, the “hey guys” line that all YouTubers say, having his own logo, working in a dab, sound effects and music, even having a funny “outtake” at the end.

Pretty impressive for a nine year old!

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