First Lines From My First Blog Post In Every Month of 2016


I love how randomly collecting the first lines of my first post of every month ends up giving a pretty good overview of what was happening in my life and the wider world over the past 12 months.

Here’s 2016…

January – “Back from a week in Cuba and I have this song stuck in my head.”

February – “Following up on yesterday’s post, John Scott capped an amazing run that, if it was a movie script, would be rejected as too unbelievable – starting as a joke write-in candidate for the NHL all-star game, getting traded and demoted, his all-star berth in doubt, fighting back against the powers that be, both directly and with the support of a huge fan backlash to play in the NHL All-Star game where he not only didn’t embarrass himself but managed to score a couple goals, captaining his team to victory in the mini-tournament, helping make the most memorable all-star game I can remember, and (again) become a successful write-in candidate to win MVP over the three players picked by the league!”

March – “Well, not really.”

April – “This site allows you to simulate the current US election, playing as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.”

May – “So I’ve been thinking about the “Long Game” quite a bit lately.”

June – “…how amazing it is that Shea gave birth to two beautiful, amazing babies.”

July – “Happy Canada Day, eh?”

August – “We’re back from a week and a half of camping – one week at Greenwater Provincial Park and then, after a quick night in Regina, another few days at Shea’s parents’ seasonal site in Weyburn.”

September – “So, to celebrate the first day of school, we decided to take Pace to McDonald’s for supper.”

October – “(My “Saturday Snap” name has never seemed more appropriate as I post some thoughts and photos of our visit to the new Mosaic Stadium.)”

November – “Did I ever post this before?”

December – “After many years without any significant new developments, Regina Public Library has opened three new (or newly renovated) branches in a few short years with one more on the way by next year (and maybe more to come?)”

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