Our Christmas Timeline

November 11 – Remembrance Day in Canada is Singles Day (aka 11/11) in China so we usually buy a few things direct from sites like AliExpress on what is China’s equivalent of Black Friday to get our Christmas shopping started.

November 12 – Remembrance Day is over so I can officially start getting into the Christmas mood. (By this point, Costco has had Christmas stuff out since August.)

Late November – the never-ending battle between Shea and I about when to set-up our Christmas Tree usually comes to a truce around late November.  I’d set it up on November 12 if she’d let me but she’d prefer well into December so we usually comprise for late November or early December.

Early December – RPL’s Social Club always has a kid’s Christmas party.  Don’t tell the kids but it’s pretty fun to catch up with Santa (a retired Physical Plant employee) before the party.

Early-Mid December – Shea and I go for our traditional Christmas lunch at a local restaurant we’ve never been too on a day we both have off and while the kids are in school and/or daycare.

Early-Mid December – All branches of RPL host a Holiday Open House with food, drink, crafts, music and more to thank our patrons for their patronage (get it?) through the past year.

Early-Mid December – one or two work Christmas parties.  Shea’s work had theirs in late November which was awesome.  Mine ended up deciding not to have one as we couldn’t find a good date that worked for everyone.

Mid-December – Pace has a Christmas Holiday Concert at his school where we juggle afternoon and evening performance attendances with grandparents/Sasha depending on who’s available/who’s working/who’s not.

December 24 – Pace reads us “The Night Before Christmas” as he has every Christmas since he was 3.  (Er, that wasn’t really reading.  That was inserting the final word of the story as daddy read it aloud.)

December 25 – bring on the Bailey’s for breakfast! 😉  The big day includes presents, music, food, naps, occasionally a street hockey game, assembling toys/adding batteries, and did I mention food?

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