10 Crucial Decisions in the 2016 Election That Reshaped America

No matter who wins elections, it’s often the behind-the-scenes articles and books that come out afterwards that are the most interesting in revealing the strategies, infighting and plain lucky breaks that make things go well or go, well, just about as bad as they went for Hillary Clinton a month ago.

This is a very insightful article about some of the pivotal moments in an unprecedented election campaign season.

For the record…

  1. Hillary copies the Obama playbook
  2. Jeb Bush decides to run for President
  3. Donald Trump taps Corey Lewandowski as his campaign manager
  4. Bernie Sanders doesn’t attack Clinton on her “damned e-mails”
  5. CNN shows an empty Trump podium for thirty minutes
  6. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio play patty-cake with Trump at debates
  7. Trump insults the parents of a dead war hero
  8. Clinton decides to take a summer break
  9. Trump goes scorched earth after Access Hollywood tape is released
  10. Jim Comey sends a letter to Congress

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