Saturday Snap – Ghost Pepper Wings

Ghost Pepper Wings
Shea: “Let’s try these. There’s no way a store would sell something that’s too hot. They probably put like a microgram of ghost pepper on the wings and they taste a bit hotter than regular buffalo wings.”
Pace: “I don’t like hot food but I saw a video on YouTube saying ghost peppers are one of the five hottest peppers on earth and since I like YouTube, that’s a good reason to try a bite.  Uhm…can I get some water, please???”
Me: “Holy shit!!!!! Why can’t I feel my tongue??? And my insides!!! Melting!!! Wait, Grandma who lived through the Depression taught me not to waste food. Okay, just one more. Gaaahhhhhh!!!! The pain!!!!”
The remainder of this box of wings will be our contribution to a family New Year’s Eve party. You’re welcome???
(Obligatory librarian “More Info” linky.)
Relevant Quote: “The ghost pepper is known by various names, including “noga jolokia” and “bhut jolokia”. Some believe they were named after the fearsome Naga warriors who once roamed Nagaland, in India. The word “bhut” is the same as the Indian word for an especially evil spirit.”)

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