Music Monday – “You held me down but I got up/Already brushing off the dust/You hear my voice, your hear that sound/Like thunder, gonna shake your ground”

I’m still not a huge Hillary fan for all manner of reasons but she has grown on me as the election has progressed.

So, with pollsters predicting her becoming the 45th President of the United States tomorrow is somewhere between 75 – 99% inevitable, I thought I’d balance my earlier list of “10 Reasons Hillary Should Not Be President” with

10 Reasons I’m Excited For Hillary Clinton To Become President Tomorrow

  1. First female President is awesome and I do think of things like that every time I play with Sasha.
  2. She is legitimately one of, if the not the most qualified people to ever run for President.
  3. She is the only person left who can prevent the US electing an authoritarian fascist.
  4. She ran the most advanced, data-driven campaign in history.
  5. She will likely name 1-3 Supreme Court justices if she wins which, if she does nothing else, will have a huge impact on the United States going forward.
  6. Her debate performances were masterful.  I’ve read that Presidential debates rarely move the needle but she gradually increased the gap with Trump after every single debate. (True, not the most challenging opponent but still…)
  7. On that note, many will say that Trump beat himself or he would be an easy opponent for anyone but you can’t disregard that he beat many top-shelf, “inevitable” Republican candidates and she was maybe the person best positioned to counter Trump and what his supporters believe.
  8. When Chelsea introduced her mom at the DNC, she mentioned fond memories of the books they read together when Chelsea was a girl.
  9. She’s quietly religious (Methodist) but hasn’t really pushed that aspect of herself in any significant way, even though religion is still an easy way to gain points in much of the United States.
  10. She gets criticized for wearing pantsuits constantly but what many people don’t realise is that she might also be wearing body armour under those pantsuits, especially recently.  If true, that’s bad ass.

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