Friday Fun Link – Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner

The Al Smith Dinner is an American political institution.  Since 1960, this fundraiser for underprivileged children put on by the Archdiocese of New York in memory of a former New York Governor and the first Catholic to run for President.

It usually features the two Presidential candidates in a humourous, roast-style environment which is usually their last face-to-face encounter, following the completion of the debates but before the election.

This year’s event happened to be scheduled for the day after the third and final debate . Normally, the event is often a way for the candidates to show a lighter, more human side and that they’re ultimately respectful of each other as rivals, even in the midst of a hard fought election.  But in true Donald Trump style, “Cheeto Benito” managed to even light a dumpster fire at the dinner with his tone deaf jokes that led to him getting booed by the well-heeled crowd.


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