Debate Sensation, Ken Bone, on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s so funny how things go viral in our Internet age – sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not.   Sometimes it’s mean, sometimes it’s fun.  And sometimes it starts mean but has redemption.

But in this case, it’s great that Ken Bone, who became an Internet sensation after asking a question at Sunday night’s Presidential debate, and who may have been the butt of the joke at a different point in time, turns out to actually be someone who’s intelligent, clever, and very clearly in on the joke as his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel shows.

[Update: And in trying to seize his 15 minutes, Bone revealed his Reddit user name for an AMA which led to people combing through his post history, finding a few controversial remarks, and making many who found him “cuddly” have to re-examine their initial impression.]

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