Comparing The Top NHL Players Across All Eras

A Redditor spent the summer creating a massive spreadsheet to assist in comparing the NHL’s best players across the decades.

He goes into incredible detail about his methodology in his post and for the most part, it’s solid although some people point out that a team like the 1980 Oilers actually get punished for their success – they scored at such a prolific rate that when he corrects for this, he’s actually lowering the ranking of players like Gretzky from where they should be.

Speaking of Gretzky, his adjustment ends up putting The Great One, who is the top total goal scorer of all-time, at number fourteen (!) on the list.  Alex Ovechkin is ranked number one of all-time and Gretzky retains as the best set-up man of all-time.

Anyhow, he notes some other interesting findings so if you’re a hockey fan, I’d encourage you to check it out!

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