Music Monday – “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why?/I made that bitch famous/Goddamn, I made that bitch famous.”

Kanye West recently released a provocative, controversial video featuring wax versions of numerous famous people who are connected to him in one way or another, all lying in a bed together naked.

The slow pans of the various naked wax figures plus the viewer’s knowledge of the various interactions West has had with each of them – from family relationships to fueling fires to famous feuds – makes the video a commentary on a wide range of topicsfame, exploitation, consent, agency, patriarchy, rape culture, power dynamics, racism, art, media, censorship and more.

Although there is nothing overtly sexual happening and the figures are all portrayed as only sleeping, the video features a huge amount of (wax) nudity with the female figures the most exposed (which may also be taken as a commentary on our culture as well.)

I can see why this video may not be for everyone and even offensive to some.  But personally I like that it’s so provocative and thought-provoking.


Famous” – Kanye West

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