~ Swirl ~ (A Poem About How The Orlando Shootings Gave Double Meanings To Everything This Weekend)

(I started writing this Sunday night but didn’t finish until Monday.  I’m backdating it to be a Sunday post though as that seems most appropriate given Sunday’s incredibly tragic events.)

~ Swirl ~

My library staff do a tour of the local Muslim school.
We observe prayers.  We learn to say “library” in Arabic.  We ask questions to learn & understand.
The sense of community is overwhelming.

The kids are with their grandparents so Shea and I have a chance for a night out in some downtown clubs.
We watch young people talking.  We watch young people drinking.  We watch young people flirting.
The sense of community is overwhelming.

Saturday (afternoon)
In the downtown Saskatoon park, the Pride Festival is on.
We see people full of joy.  Full of fun.  Full of life.
The sense of community is overwhelming.

Saturday (night)
A world famous country singer was once seen as controversial for a song proclaiming “When we’re free to love/Anyone we choose“.
We join an audience of young and old, rich and poor, conservative and liberal.
The sense of community is overwhelming.

An unplanned trip to the ER ends in a minor operation to drain an infected wound.
Blood everywhere on the blankets, dripping on my pants, on the prescription the doctor hands me.
The sense of fear, of loss, of shock is overwhelming.

Muslims.  Bars and clubs.  LGBTQ2.  Music.
Communities.  Blood.   Shock.
Swirl together.

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