Friday Fun Link – Getting Excited For @GarthBrooks in Saskatoon! #yxe

I’m not going to post a picture of Sasha running around the house naked in a cowboy hat but I can tell you that she’s not even going to the concert yet her parents’ excitement must be contagious.

Mommy was singing and dancing in the kitchen, daddy dug through his old CDs to find the various Garth Brooks albums we have for our drive to Saskatoon on Saturday morning and the kids get to go have a sleepover with Grandpa and Grandma (which for the time being, beats going to concerts.)

The reviews of the first show on Thursday night were glowing and based on his history (one small example – many still say Garth is the best show Craven Country Jamboree ever had just before he hit it really big), this show has the potential to be the best concert we’ve ever seen!

Can’t wait!

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