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Here’s a list of some the most memorable moments from this wild and wacky primary season.

For the record, here’s the list

  1. Trump launches his campaign by calling Mexicans “rapists”
  2. The Bernie movement is born
  3. Trump attacks a Fox journalist saying “blood coming out of her…wherever”
  4. Bernie doesn’t take opportunity to attack Clinton on e-mails in early debate
  5. Clinton testifies on Benghazi for 11 hours
  6. Trump loses first primary in Iowa and behaves…graciously?
  7. Jeb Bush: “Please clap?”
  8. Chris Christie taunts repetitive Marcobot
  9. Trump rallies become increasingly violent
  10. Cruz’ last stand: “Trump is utterly amoral”

That’s a pretty good summary of the “highlights” of the primary season but I’ll add a few of my own not mentioned on this list…

  1. In an early Democratic debate in response to a question about “who your enemies are”, Jim Webb says something about “all the people he killed in war”.
  2. Trump actually alludes to the size of his penis being “no problem” during a Republican debate after being attacked about the size of his hands.
  3. Bernie Sanders beats Hillary in fundraising for three (?) months in a row proving his point that you can succeed with a grassroots campaign.
  4. That bird that landed on his podium at one rally and inspired many “Birdie Sanders” memes
  5. Trump holds a press conference where he basically tries to sell his steaks and bottled water products
  6. Cruz tries to kiss his daughter who pulls away.  At a different event later in the campaign, he tries to hug his wife and bops her in the face
  7. Chris Christie’s shocked, stunned face standing behind Trump after endorsing him while Trump makes the odd crack at Christie standing right behind him.
  8. Bernie’s win in Michigan which is the biggest upset (based on polls) in thirty years.
  9. The Attorney General’s report is released confirming that Hillary did violate the rules and many of her statements about her private e-mail server were lies.
  10. Clinton and Trump actually clinching their respective nominations have to be considered memorable moments – for *very* different reasons.

Wow, to show how many memorable moments there have been, here’s another list I found which has a number of moments that weren’t covered in either list above!

  1. Trump defends the size of his hands and by extension, his penis
  2. Carly Fiorina sings
  3. Jeb Bush “Please clap!”
  4. Christie’s face behind Trump
  5. Kasich hugs a supporter
  6. Republican candidates miss their cue to enter a debate stage
  7. “Sick and tired of your damn e-mails!”
  8. Hillary tongue-lashes a Greenpeace protester
  9. Rubio accuses Cruz of not being able to speak Spanish
  10. A team of young cheerleaders in US-flag outfits sings a song praising him before Trump takes the stage
  11. Birdie Sanders

[Update – here’s the mother of all “memorable election” lists with 65 items!]

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