Happy 9th Birthday Pace!

Jump for Joy

Pace had his (real) birthday last Thursday on May 19 and it’s been a crazy, fun-filled weekend since then.

(Speaking of “crazy, fun-filled weekends”, Shea and I live in dread of having a kid who has his birthday on May long weekend when he gets older!) 😉

On his actual birthday, we had a nice lunch with a small cake he’d picked out himself and gifts from the immediate family (we did it at lunch because dad was working the 1-9pm shift at the library.)

Friday, Pace, mom and aunt Sandi got ready for his big party on Saturday – getting cupcakes ready, putting together goodie bags and various other things we’d need for the party.

Then on Saturday, we held a party for all his friends at the parkour gym Pace attends.  Today, he went to *another* friend’s birthday just down the block then we picked him up early so he could go to the mall and buy a couple gifts with his birthday money including a skateboard and a pogo stick!

Good times…

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